Thursday, May 16, 2013



I understand that everyone has some concerns about math and you are eager to brush the rust off. Great! We have to start by reviewing the basics before we move on to the more complicated stuff. The basics would be arithmetic, PENDAS, and some prealgebra (we will start with ratios, proportions, percents, and fractions, and then move one). Making sure we have a strong foundation in the basics will lead to greater success later on.

Please start with these problems. Post your answers here, but make sure you bring HOW you solved the problem and your proof to the next class meeting. This is just to assess where we are starting from.

1. 2850 divided by 190 = ?

2. Which of the following expressions is equal to 40,503?
    a. 400 + 50 + 3
    b. 4,000 + 500 + 3
    c. 40,000 + 50 + 3
    d. 40,000 + 500 + 3

3. 604 - (202 divided by 2) = ?

4. 3 feet 6 inches + 5 feet 8 inches = ?

5. The number of red blood corpuscles in one cubic millimeter is about 5,000,000, and the number of white blood corpuscles in one cubic millimeter is about 8,000. What, then, is the ratio of white blood corpuscles to red blood corpuscles?

6. The plent Mars is estimated at a mean distance of 36 million miles from the Sun. The dwarf planet Pluto is estimated at a mean distance of 3,666 millions miles from the Sun. How much closer ot the Sun is Mars than Pluto?

7. Express the fraction 54/108 in lowest terms.

8. 8 9/13 - 5 2/13 = ?

9. 40 divided by 2 1/2 = ?

10. 7/9 x 9/7 = ?

Thanks, gentlemen. See you on Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013



To the CUNY Fatherhood Academy college preparation group's web log! (or Blog.) We are very excited about your participation in this project, and the progress you are making towards achieving your goals. College is a very large step towards accomplishing them.

In an attempt to help you transition from high school to work life to college, we created this blog as a means to communicate with former members and members of the LaGuardia Community College community. This specific project is geared to help you develop a greater awareness of the academic discourses and  digital tools you will end up using as students here.

We hope you take full advantage of this blog. It's purpose is to have hold forums and discuss a variety of academic topics as well as to share experiences that you might be having at school. We greatly appreciate your participation, and we hope that you also enjoy it.